About Us


A new international standard for Functional driven Business Analysis 

Who Are We

The IBAC standard represents the demands for Functional driven business analysis within the industry, under guidance of an International Business Analysts Consortium and IT Professionals from various countries and industries.

Our Mission

We aim at establishing a new frontier for the future through simplified development concepts and supporting the industry with automation frameworks within the IT development arena

What We Do

We monitor current and future trends regarding the development of IT projects to establish a solution to endure improved project delivery success in relation to new trends and development.

Our history

We have been functioning at the forefront of developing projects internationally over the past 30 years with some of the biggest corporate giants, developing new and efficient projects such as core and digital platforms for the banking, insurance, aviation, car manufacturing industry and more.

Throughout the over 400 projects we delivered, we have come across various concerns requiring a solution to failed projects due to inaccurate requirements gathering.  This brought us to the development of a new industry standard for Business Analyst as a collaborative effort with an international consortium of business and IT professionals.

Our Consortium

We give gratitude for the input and experience gained while working alongside the following prestigious names within the industry from various companies and countries.

Why choose us?

Instead of using over 50 old school methods that no longer work in the Business Analyst design process, we stepped it up with a proven 6 step design for complex future systems.

Instead of being a stand alone organisation, we function under the guidance of industry experts.

With hundreds of successful project deliveries we stand in opposition to old school methods causing high industry project failure rates.

As we move into the world of automation, we are now at the forefront of Business Analyst automation.

Our more than 170 training partners are established globally in over 27 countries.