Realise your future with an IBAC Study Loan

Student Loan Repayments


Standard Loan Repayments example with Interest only for the first 12 months (first year), 10% flat Interest rate & Credit protection plan


Convert your loan to BAcoin crypto tokens

  • Address

A unique identifier used to send and receive cryptocur- rency

  • Airdrop

Distributing cryptocurrency for free as a marketing strategy

  • Altcoin

Alternative cryptocurrencies to Bitcoin

  • All Time High (ATH)/All Time Low (ATL)

􏰞􏰗􏰗 􏰔􏰍􏰌􏰛 􏰎􏰍􏰏􏰎 􏰋􏰞􏰔􏰎􏰊 􏰉 􏰞􏰗􏰗 􏰔􏰍􏰌􏰛 􏰗􏰘􏰕 􏰋􏰞􏰔The highest or lowest price a cryptocurrency has reached



Buying and selling the same asset on two exchanges to profit from small price differences

Someone who missed an opportunity to sell at a high price and now owns low value cryptocurrency

Someone who is pessimistic about the market or coin value

A digital currency launched in 2009 that boomed the cryptocurrency market

A group of trans- actions made in a blockchain

A globally distributed digital record of transactions; permanent and secure

Someone who is optimistic about the market or asset value

Buying cryptocurrency when the price has fallen

A digital wallet that is not connected to the internet

A digital currency that uses cryptography to secure wallets; often decentralized, though not always

The method of using code to convert information and communications into an unreadable format

No entity holds control over the network; anyone can join (see ‘node’) and blockchain records are stored in many locations

A cryptocurrency and decentralized computing platform, launched in 2015

A platform to buy, sell, and invest in cryptocurrency. Exchanges can be centralized (Coinbase) or decentralized (Unstoppable)

When someone is concerned that they might miss a good buying or selling opportunity

Negative sentiment about the market, usually spread in the media

Currency that is government issued legal tender, unlike crypto- currency


A change in how the blockchain operates that can be backwards compatible (soft fork) or not (hard fork)

A physical device used for storing cryptocurrency keys (usually USB connected)

Transforming chunks of data into unique text strings that are nearly impossible to decipher

Slang term for “hold”, to keep cryptocurrency instead of selling it

A digital wallet that is connected to the internet

A method of raising funds for a new project in exchange for a token

The total number of coins in circulation multiplied by individual coin price

Unconfirmed transactions, held until they’re picked up by a node on the network

Using computer hardware to process and validate cryptocurrency transactions

Miners combining their mining rig power to increase the chances of closing the block and receiving the reward for it

A computer built specifically for mining cryptocurrency, usually containing high specification components

When a cryptocurrency’s value is rapidly rising in a short period of time

A computer that connects to the cryptocurrency network and becomes one of the network participants

Fraudsters spreading false info to increase a cryptocurrency’s value (pump), then cashing out (dump)

When two entities/devices communicate directly without a third-party

Secret identifier that proves ownership of a wallet

Method used to process trans- actions, with miners having more control based on how much cryptocurrency they hold

Method used to process trans- actions, requiring completion of complex mathematical equations by computers

Generated by the private key and turned into an address; generally used to receive cryptocurrency

The pseudonym given to the person or persons who created bitcoin (their identity is unknown)

The smallest unit of Bitcoin; one Bitcoin equals 100,000,000 satoshis

Spreading fake news to increase the price of a crypto- currency

A method of storing cryptocurrency keys within software files on your computer or mobile device

An abbreviation to identify a cryptocurrency (for example, “BTC” for Bitcoin)

Used interchangeably with “coin”. Technically, a subset of cryptocurrency that has its own blockchain and represents an asset or utility

An authoritative document to explain a new cryptocurrency

Movement of cryptocurrency from one address to another

Someone who owns lots of cryptocurrency

  • It’s free and you cannot lose a cent.
  • The first study loan which is a minus (-$1800 ), you the student (because you the student owes IBAC the money), gets converted to a positive ( +1800 BAcoins for now)
    Rich Dad Poor Dad concept  …. you invent money!
  • You can make a profit over time if you trade correctly, thus you can repay your loan from the profit you could make.
  • You get a free education on Crypto currencies and gain practical experience in crypto currency tokens, block chain & acronyms.
  • You can end up being a crypto trader over time.
  • Your future employer can buy your BAcoins, thus allowing you to pay off your loan.
  • Follow the link to and register as a student.
  • Once you have register on as a student, the BAvarsity back-office will convert you student loan and update your wallet with your BAcoins.
  • You will receive an email send from the BAvarsity back-office with your BAcoin details.
  • Once you have paid off your IBAC Student loan the remainder of your BAcoins can be traded on the exchange and cashed out in your selected currency.
  • Your future employer can buy your BAcoins and settle your IBAC loan.
  • 3 ways you can get BAcoins:-


  •  IBAC loan (The first IBAC loan gives you $1800 worth of BAcoins).
  • Students can convert their IBAC loans to BAcoins.


  •  Next IBAC loan after 12 months to study next course will give you BAcoins again.
  • Students can convert their subsequent IBAC loans to BAcoins.


  • Buying IBAC coins from someone on the exchange
    (Your future employer can buy your BAcoins ( your study loan) and resell the BAcoins on the exchange).
  • Students can trade on the exchange and buy BAcoins from another student/seller.
  • BAcoins started out as one Bacoin equal to one USD.
  • BAcoins are not mined, thus there are no scarcity which causes friction, and we know that friction causes value to disappear.
  • BAcoins are earned via student loans and abundance is the key, a digital world of abundance where there are no scarcity and friction, yet abundance and value.
  • BAcoins will increase in value over time as abundance without friction always increase in value over time.
  • In the first  12 months, (on your first loan for B1.1 to B1.20) you pay $5 service fee, $5 credit protection plan fees & $15 interest. 
  • Remember IBAC advocate that if you don’t get a job after 12 months, your student loan will be cancelled (If  you took out the $5 Credit Protection Plan & paid all the fees+interest for the 12 months).
  • Remember when IBAC cancel your IBAC loan or you stop paying the interest and the fees, you lose your BAcoins too.

  • Student owes  $1800 on first IBAC loan after 12 months.
  • Student has paid IBAC each month $25  $5 service fee, $5 credit protection plan fee, $15 interest fee).
  • Now the student wants a new  IBAC loan for $3000 to do BA1 & BA2  Business Architect.
  • Thus the student gets another 3000 BAcoins because the student converts his loan of $3000 to BAcoins.
  • So the student now wants to get rid of the  $1800 first  IBAC loan otherwise the student must pay  $1800  interest and fees and the  new loan of $3000  interest and fees.
  • So in theory the student now actually has  4800 BAcoins  (1800+3000=4800 BAcoins).
  • So the student can sell the BAcoins to cancel the first IBAC loan of $1800. 
  • Example:- The student offer 3600 BAcoins (50 cnts per coin) for $1800.
  • Let’s say that IBAC buys  it and settle the student IBAC loan.
  • The student now owes $3000 for the 2nd  IBAC loan and only have 1200 BAcoins left (4800 – 3600 BAcoins).
  • Thus the student has 1200 BAcoins left and owes IBAC $3000 and have BA1 & BA2 Business Architect to study.
  • Same rules apply now, the student only pays interest only on the new IBAC loan for the first 12 months + Service fee & Credit Protection Plan fees.
  • Same rules apply now, IBAC will cancel the new student loan after 12 months if the Student cannot find a job (Only when the student has paid the interest, Service fees & Credit Protection Plan fees for the full 12 months).
  • IBAC charges a fee to set you up for your loan and it includes all administration cost for the duration of the loan, irrespective if the loan runs the full 48 months or not. (See this as the same as a non refundable deposit you have to put down at current physical universities).
  • It is also payable as a first instalment to setup your banking details on PAyPal and ensure that you will be able to make Payments during the subsequent months of your IBAC loan.
  • Your bank details will be verified by PayPal and the regulatory laws of your country will either prevent you or pass you from making future payments to IBAC. (See this as a security verification process to ensure that IBAC is dealing with authenticated and verified students).
  • PayPal will then establish trust between the student and IBAC and be the future  trust between the student and IBAC.
  • IBAC/BAvarsity is verified as a PAyPal account holder and thus a trusted source.
  • BAvarsity is verified with various other Payment gateways in specific countries as a trusted source.
  • IBAC charges a monthly service fee to reconcile your interest, Payments, Invoices and Statements. (All banks charge a service fee, normally much higher fees).
  • You the student can opt-in or not to pay the Credit Protection Plan fee.
  • This is the fee that will ensure that when things go wrong for you, (example you cannot find a job after 12 months), that IBAC will cancel your loan.


Trade your BAcoins

  • Soon be available
  • These are pirate guidelines as people will always find a way to break the rules.
  • The market will define the rules over time.
  • Will soon be calculated.

Starting your Studies

Once your application has been reviewed, you will contacted via your email with instruction (Link to start your studies).